9 trends in application development

9 trends in application development

9 trends in application development

9 trends in application development 0 0 Mobile App Development Company

The application development is experiencing a new golden age because of the pandemic. Many businesses have begun their digitization in order to adapt to the new situation.

With this high demand for apps, new trends emerge that we would like to share with you in this post.

If you are thinking of starting with application development, it will be good for you to know the new trends about design, format, or the most demanded user experience today. We have collected some of the elements that are most fashionable in application development today.

1. Gradient design

In terms of design, the new apps that arrive or even those that are updated tend to use gradient colors. This generates a very attractive effect but above all draws the user’s attention to a specific point within the app.

There is no doubt that the user experience is vital in the development of an app. It can be considered the soul of the application and therefore it is important to resort to design effects that generate a wake-up call.

But beyond seeking reasons about marketing colors, the main reason is that the smartphones of today allow transmitting the color better than ever. An improvement in the quality of the screens also means an improvement in the applications.

2. Using illustrations as images

Another of the most notable trends this year is the use of illustrations as images within the app. It is a resource that perfectly accompanies any type of information that you want to transmit.

This resource replaces any image or photograph. In fact, the trend is so strong that image banks are already full of illustrations. The problem here is not to fall into the repetition of illustrations and try to create your own that convey exactly what you want within the application.

3. Chatbots

Leaving the visual and aesthetics, the chatbots are gaining ground in developing applications this year.

Without a doubt, it is a trend that must be taken into account since it allows to reinforce interaction with the user. Today there are functionalities that can be customized to integrate a chatbot into your app and it is highly recommended as it improves the user experience.

4. Use of voice

Voice assistants are already part of our day to day. Alexa or Siri have contributed to the spread of voice functions more and more.

Voice commands are undoubtedly the future so when developing applications you should take them into account.

5. Augmented reality

With the arrival of this technology to smartphones, its use has spread among users. Whether it is to innovate with your app or to attract attention, you must take into account augmented reality in application development.

Remember that to be successful you must offer innovative functionalities and above all that differentiate you from others. Maybe this type of technology is that ingredient that you were missing.

6. Retro design

Another growing trend is to use a retro image. What vintage always triumphs, but you must be careful between what is the design and what may seem outdated image.

7. iPhone widgets

IOS 14 was recently launched and with this new version of Apple’s operating system, iPhones can have widgets on their screens. Use this new functionality to offer a completely new user experience.

8. Personalization

Related to the previous point, customization is something that attracts us all. We don’t want to have the exact same screen as a friend or have the same color, image, or background as anyone else.

Personalization has always been a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is now possible to allow the user to choose the color, the way in which the information is presented, or even personalize their name and products.

9. Interactive micro animations

The latest trend that we have detected this year in the development of applications is the integration of micro animations of just seconds. They are animations that help in the immersion of the application.

As we have repeated, the user experience is the soul of the app and therefore small details like these make being inside the app very pleasant.

As you can see, most of the trends that we have analyzed revolve around the design of the application. Without a doubt, the UX part takes a large part of the budget in the development of applications, and the reasons have been seen in this article. If you want your app to live longer, do not end up forgotten and gain users, do not leave out this visual section.

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