8 Benefits of an app for your business in times of Covid

8 Benefits of an app for your business in times of Covid

8 Benefits of an app for your business in times of Covid

8 Benefits of an app for your business in times of Covid 0 0 Mobile App Development Company

The Covid-19 crisis has paralyzed all social and economic activities. Companies have been forced to change all their routines with both employees and customers. In this context, the need of an app that takes advantage of the online channel for business in times of crisis emerges more strongly than ever.

The social distancing rules imposed by Covid-19 force businesses to seek and transform their sales channels. Today more than ever the business model must be digital and in real-time in order to guarantee business activity.

Since the lockdown began, business leaders have realized for the first time the importance of the online channel for the survival of their business. Any company, whatever its sector, even the most traditional, has the potential to survive thanks to an app that connects remotely with its customers.

In these weeks, we have designed business models through apps for companies in rural areas, for businesses as traditional as farmers or ranchers. We have also designed mobile applications that allow online working or digitizing documents within companies.

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 crisis has given the definitive push for those businesses that had not started their mobile digital transformation. If it is important to be on the Internet, it is more important to reach the palm of the user’s hand through the Smartphone, the device we use the most on a day-to-day basis.

In this context, we want to tell you 8 benefits that an app brings to your business:

1. Strengthen the relationship with the client

Undoubtedly one of the most important benefits that an app brings to any business is the improvement of the relationship with each of the clients.

It is a unique marketing channel between companies and clients that allows communication to be more direct and effective. The applications allow the sending of push notifications that will send messages to the mobile screen of each client. A message that has much more visibility than any email or newsletter.

2. Increase accessibility

Today no one doubts that the Smartphone is the device that we look at the most times throughout the day. We consume information, we buy, we communicate and we dedicate our leisure time to it.

Having a business app allows you to enter this device and therefore multiply your accessibility. You just have to think about what type of content you think you can work on to attract your customer’s attention.

3. Value

A business app generates value and allows you to digitize any loyalty program to offer it to your customers. The more value you build around the application, the more downloads you will achieve and the more accessibility you will have to customers.

4. User experience

The company app helps drive the digitization process of any business and puts it at the customers’ fingertips. It also allows improving the user experience, something that is increasingly valued every day when choosing one company or another.

Consumers want access to better experiences both to buy and to access information. Anything that improves this experience will translate into more and better sales.

5. Brand awareness

Undoubtedly, mobile applications suppose a brand value for businesses, and this is reproduced in recognition and branding.

The sum of a good user experience, a neat image, and the fact that it is a practical app means an increase in the reputation of the brand. When you design an app, you have to think about the message you want to convey with the application itself.

6. Make a difference

We live in an era in which competition is very high and consumers choose one brand or another based on small details. The fact of offering an app to users that solves the needs of users in a practical way, makes them opt for the business with more innovation.

7. Recurrence

One of the benefits of having an app is that it allows customers to return to your business repeatedly. To do this, you must create an app marketing strategy designed with this objective in mind, but you can take advantage of resources such as push notifications to achieve that recurring visit from each user.

8. Unique payment services

Business apps have evolved a lot in recent years. Nowadays thanks to the advancement of technology it is possible to integrate your app to different payment platforms or even the marketplace. This allows you to make payments for products or services in a single movement.

Offering these unique payment services through the app will speed up sales processes. Remember that nowadays 3 out of 4 online transactions are made from smartphones.

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