8 ideas to increase engagement through gamification at events

8 ideas to increase engagement through gamification at events

8 ideas to increase engagement through gamification at events

8 ideas to increase engagement through gamification at events 0 0 Mobile App Development Company

Latest ideas to increase engagement with attendees through gamification at events.

There is no doubt that gamification as a digital transformation technique or strategy for companies and used through game mechanics is a trend.

The gamification market is promising. So much so that this year, revenue of about $ 5.5 billion is expected.

Especially applied to smartphones and mobiles it is acquiring great success and prominence. The reason? It is a great stimulant for learning and proactively engaging the audience.

Works for rewards

Gamification works through a reward system where collecting coins, rescuing someone, or destroying evil characters, will make users finish and achieve their goal successfully.

It is activated and each player experiences pleasure releasing the so-called dopamine. Task after task or each challenge will advance, and this supposes a progressive and constant satisfaction for the participant.

8 Ideas to increase engagement through gamification at events

Create a corner or specific area for gamification

Make it independent where attendees can relax for a while and enjoy their free time at the event. Giving it a creative touch through sponsorship so that attendees can access the products will generate more attention.

If the budget allows, the VR and AR actions generate a lot of noise.

Resources for icebreakers and online games

Getting attendees to interact with each other and network is a great icebreaker. Of course, try to make it fun, through truth games, mentions to other guests, or little lies, but do not overdo it and it may be uncomfortable.

Gamification through polling

It’s a great way to get feedback from attendees. Conduct surveys on the experience of the event itself or its facilities, among other aspects.

One idea is to divide the attendees into teams and get them to vote. The team with the majority participation may be the winner. Another resource that can work is through badges or rewards.

Event app

Certain surveys ensure that event apps are one of the alternatives that can make the stay more pleasant.

For fun points, puzzles, or skill games, gamification apps are a good resource.

Engagement grows through gamification

Gamification strategies at company events are a great resource to reinforce engagement and motivate the public.

Guide and familiarize attendees with the event

Gamification acts as a guide in events. The level of knowledge depends on the organizers and yourself. Make sure it is not in vain through fun interactive tools and games, such as treasure hunts, etc.

Applications with interactive maps via QR code allow you to carry out different tasks.

Encourage with questions and answers

One of the best techniques for sharing and acquiring knowledge is by submitting it with a question on the air.

This generates debate and interesting conversations among the participants that will serve as a guide and reference to the rest of the audience.

The means to launch the surveys can be through social networks or some event network platform, with resources or offline, etc.

Mini sessions co-created by attendees

It is one of the most complicated gamification resources to implement in events, but with success, they can be quite enjoyable, since they increase participation and generate greater engagement among guests.

One way is to ask members to suggest a topic for the mini-session after the main session ends.

The ideas can go through a tweet, with a post on Facebook, or through the event app itself, with the consequent rewards in the form of gifts, merchandising, discount coupons for lunch, with the possibility of accessing other activities at the event, etc.

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