UX in mobile apps: design trends

UX in mobile apps: design trends

UX in mobile apps: design trends

UX in mobile apps: design trends 0 0 Mobile App Development Company

The development and UX of mobile apps evolve very quickly and we aware of this, we like to be up to date.

What’s moving in the field of mobile UX?

1. Improve mobile UX with a story

It is true that mobile applications do not need the development of a story to impact app users, but creating a logical flow similar to a story that engages is quite engaging.

This is achieved with a linear design that allows us to identify the time that users are interacting with the application.

Developers also use progressive disclosure to make apps more attractive. This simplifies the visual appearance and reduces visual and info overload.

2. Gestures and animations in apps

Making the application much more interactive with gestures and animations can be very helpful as it makes available interactions clear to the user.

Developers can implement them of various types. For example, through a function change with a button that changes the font or color. This function will give us enough details for example of the web traffic of the company.

All of these design trends make mobile UX that much more enjoyable.

3. Content Experience (CX)

Make the content of the app a priority.

Content is paramount and we are aware of it. Hence, we take care of it, and take into account that it is easy to access avoiding any visual chaos, and thus making it legible.

Capturing the attention of the content is essential in order to avoid abandonment. The copies and the content curator must be drawn under a strategy.

Therefore, it is also very important to know what content we are going to show the user. Of course, the one that is relevant depending on the location, your tastes, and preferences.

This is one of the aspects of mobile UX that makes an app useful.

4. Include new features for the apps of the future

Voice-activated interfaces (such as SIRI, Alexa, or Google Now), or Augmented Reality (AR) that will continue its technological progress while app designers devise new creative uses to apply to technology.

5. Video content

To ensure that an app succeeds today, the video must be included, and try to hook the user in the shortest possible time.

360 videos or live video are an example of what this tool can provide.

6. Payment with Apps

Most banks have already incorporated this type of technology and users are using app payment as usual.

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